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About Us

What we believe

That right solution is one which delivers values to our customers business process.It is not methodology, but rather a communicative, iterative-feedback focused approach with the right people, who are integral to every successful project. With our result-oriented development, our clients will always have a measurable value of their investment.

Our goals

Delivering custom business solutions, and designing and developing high quality web business applications using cutting edge technologies. We analyze, design, and build the solution as series of increments via a set of iterations.

Anasoft Inc. - about us

Web and mobile website development

Responsive web site development for your business visibility on all media devices.

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Web and mobile website development

Business application design

Get the right business application architecture and design.

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Business application design

Business application development

Web application development with achieving your business goals as our primary motivation.

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Business application development

Visual Studio .NET Core API extensions

Speed up your .NET Core Api development using our Apincore VS extensions. Indentity Sever 4, XUnit tests and Postman tests included.

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Visual Studio extensions

Google Map and Drive plugins

Connect to the world with Google map jquery plugin and connect to your Google drive from your web applications

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Google Map and Drive plugins

Our skills


Custom business application development
Visual Studio Extensions
Visual Studio extension Web-Api Core template
Google drive plugin
JQuery plugin to support GDrive API
Google Map plugin
JQuery plugin to support GMap API
Map Project
Custom map project links to gdrive account
Custom web design
Web template customizations

Our clients

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    If you have any questions about our products or any other queries, please email us. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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    Calgary, Canada

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